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Delivered as a Web-based “SaaS” application with no hardware or software to purchase or install, eBillingHub configures quickly and easily for each of your clients and their e-billing vendors. Until eBillingHub, there has never been a more simple, cost-effective solution to help law firms deliver trouble-free electronic billing service to their clients while better managing receivables, reducing write-downs, and dramatically improving cash flow.


BEFORE eBillingHub: Manual Time-intensive Process

eBillingHub Before, e billing hub semi-monthly

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  • Firms export data from the billing system to prepare e-bills in the required format
  • Manually ensure compliance with rules, formats, and protocols of clients and their e-billing vendors
  • Manually submit to each vendor’s Website with a separate user name and password for each
  • Manually track payment status
  • Manually research causes for rejected bills, make corrections, and resubmit


AFTER eBillingHub: Automated, Efficient, and Reliable Process

eBillingHub After

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  • Seamlessly integrates with your time and billing system to generate electronic bills
  • Automatically validates against all LEDES standards, rules, and protocols of clients and their e-billing vendors
  • Finds and fixes errors prior to submission
  • Tracks and reports on invoices to quickly correct and resubmit e-bills

To discover how easily you can put eBillingHub to work for your firm and clients, contact us or call eBillingHub today at +1 888-252-2607.

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