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eBillingHub Starter Edition

eBillingHub Starter Edition

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Sign up for a free account to enter the world of electronic billing. eBillingHub Starter Edition is a web-based application that enables you to easily produce electronic invoices in industry standard formats. In addition, you can edit or convert the format of existing invoices, making it easy to correct rejected invoices and resubmit them for payment.

  • Create an invoice from scratch
  • Edit an existing LEDES formatted file (LEDES 98B, LEDES 98BI, LEDES 98BI V2, LEDES 2000, LEDES XML 2.0)
  • Translate one LEDES formatted file to another LEDES formatted file and simply fill in the missing values

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Need more advanced features? eBillingHub is a fully automated, efficient and reliable electronic billing solution that:

  • Seamlessly integrates with your time and billing system
  • Generates invoices in compliance with the standards, billing rules, and protocols of your clients and their e-billing vendors
  • Finds and fixes errors prior to submission
  • Tracks and reports on invoice status
  • And more…

Discover how eBillingHub can improve your firm’s productivity, cash flow, and client service »


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