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Simpler, faster electronic billing for law firms

E-billing is supposed to simplify the billing process, yet many firms struggle with the complexity and unexpected requirements that legal electronic billing often brings. Now you can automate and streamline the e-billing process for a faster and more efficient work-to-cash cycle. eBillingHub streamlines the entire process and reduces operating costs.

Delivering business value to hundreds of law firms worldwide, eBillingHub is a fully integrated, Web-based electronic billing solution that integrates seamlessly with a broad range of financial platforms.

legal practice management softwareSpeed cash flow while slashing costs and time

eBillingHub simplifies your e-billing process with a single portal to execute all of your e-billing needs. It then condenses the electronic billing process by integrating your time and billing software with multiple electronic billing vendors specified by your clients. By streamlining and reducing the complexity and administrative costs of the process, eBillingHub helps you efficiently and effectively manage your firm’s legal electronic billing process and ultimately improve your bottom line.

To discover how you can put eBillingHub to work for your firm and clients, contact us or call +1 888-252-2607 today.

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