While every eBillingHub client enjoys industry-leading support and training, it’s now easier to ensure your firm gets the most out of its investment with the eBillingHub Customer Success Package. The plan offers tailored advice and consultation from an eBillingHub Technical Client Account Manager, regular check-ins with detailed report reviews, faster guaranteed response times to support requests, and prioritized access to exclusive support resources. When you select the Customer Success Package, you can be confident that your firm is set up for e-billing success with the following support features.


  • Guaranteed same business day response on your support case
  • Enjoy a one-on-one relationship with a dedicated Technical Client Account Manager to resolve open support cases and provide maintenance and product updates


  • Two annual scheduled check-ins from your dedicated Technical Client Account Manager
    • One scheduled check-in meeting via WebEx with the firm’s eBillingHub administrator to discuss support ticket patterns, eBillingHub configurations, and Q&A
    • One half day onsite visit to present the firm’s eBillingHub Report Card with the leadership team, work through open support requests, and discuss best practices
  • Invoice Monitoring and Ticket Summary reports to help shorten the invoice cycle
    • Weekly report of invoices currently in received status and not successfully processed
    • Monthly report of invoices currently in a red status, including rejected, more info required, and appealed
    • Weekly summary of all open support cases
  • Direct email communication to track third party vendor maintenance and product updates

To enroll in an eBillingHub Customer Success Package, contact your eBillingHub representative at 888-252-2607, option 1, or email