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  • Cut paper to e-bill conversion costs by 95%
  • Reduce e-bill submission costs by 85%
  • Shrink training and maintenance costs by 95%
  • Process 6x as much work per staff
  • Speed e-bill collection cycles by 15%
  • Decrease e-bill related write-offs by 60%
  • Increase staff efficiency

Modest cost, huge return

Computing in the cloud

Because eBillingHub is a SaaS (“Software as a Service”) solution that’s delivered via the Internet, there is no software or hardware for you to purchase, install, or maintain. It’s reliable, secure, and easier to implement and manage than conventional enterprise software. And you only pay for what you use, so you start saving time and money from the very first invoice.

Eliminate compatibility problems

Despite the widespread acceptance of LEDES and UTBMS standards, your clients have almost one hundred e-billing vendors to choose from, each with its own formats and procedures for uploading invoices. Plus, most clients require additional codes and other deviations from the standards, requiring your firm to develop and maintain customized templates for each client. eBillingHub submits to the industry’s major vendors and regularly adds new vendors, so you are instantly and fully compatible with all your clients.

Add new clients quickly

Thanks to cloud computing and our vast library of e-billing templates, initial installation and setup of eBillingHub takes less than four hours for most firms. New clients can be added in as little as 15 minutes if that client’s template is on file. If it isn’t, the team at eBillingHub will create one within 72 hours at no charge.

Streamlined invoice preparation and submittal

With eBillingHub, you can upload a full billing cycle in minutes instead of days. eBillingHub’s powerful invoice validation and editing tools make short work of one of the most time-consuming e-billing tasks. Easily make billing adjustments and ensure that each invoice complies with the invoice file format, each processor’s special rules, and client-specific codes and billing rules.

Faster client approval and payment

On average, eBillingHub users report diary-to-cash improvements of 11 days, and up to 60% reduction in rejections and write-offs. With more accurate preparation, your bills pass through your client’s approval system sooner, and you get paid faster. There are fewer questioned or challenged invoices and fewer write-downs or write-offs.

Improved tracking and reporting

Powerful tracking tools help you monitor your invoices after they are uploaded to your clients’ systems. You can track where each bill is in the approval and payment process, easily see questioned or rejected invoices, and correct and resubmit them without delays.

Better service to your valued clients

Billing efficiency is an important part of client service. Enhance client relations by delivering accurate e-bills that comply with their billing requirements.

To discover how easily you can put eBillingHub to work for your firm and clients, contact us or call eBillingHub today at +1 888-252-2607.

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