Why does my invoice automatically get put into a status of “Hold” when submitted through the Billing Wizard or Quick Invoice?

When you see a status of “Hold” with a yellow envelope icon on the Review Submission Report page, it means that the automatic submission process is not currently supported for that ebilling vendor and client. However, eBillingHub is still able to validate and generate the ledes file, and all you will have to do is manually upload the invoice to its appropriate vendor site.

Here are the steps to follow if you are submitting to a vendor that eBillingHub does not support automatic submission to:

  1. Generate the ledes file by first selecting the invoice(s) through the Billing Wizard or Quick Invoice.
  2. Click the Submit button on the Validation Report Page.
  3. Once on the Active Invoices page, save the invoice(s) to your firm’s configured root folder, by selecting the invoice(s) and then choosing Save Invoice and click Go from the action dropdown menu.
  4. Next, log into the appropriate vendor site, and upload the invoice by retrieving it from the saved root folder location.
  5. Finally, you will then want to update the invoice status back on the Active Invoices page, so that your firm knows that the invoice was in fact ebilled.

(To verify which client formats support automatic submission, access the supported client formats list and look for a checkmark in the Submit column. This list can be found on the Home Page under the Client Setups tab.)