What is the best way to track my firm’s e-billing progress throughout the month?

There are several reports found within eBillingHub that can help you keep track of invoices at various stages of the billing cycle. Our top two suggested reports to help you keep track of your firm’s ebilling progress throughout the month are as follows.

As a reminder, eBillingHub reports can be accessed under the Reports menu, which is listed at the top of the page while logged into eBillingHub.

  1. Billing Progress Report
    This report displays a listing of clients and their progress percentage within the selected date range configured. The red area indicates the number of invoices that are still pending for the client, whether they are pending because of rejections or because they have yet to be processed via eBillingHub. The green area indicates the percentage of invoices that have been processed, accepted, and have been marked as ebilled within eBillingHub.
  2. Invoices 30 Days or Older and Not Updated
    You are most likely interested in tracking invoices that have met the 30 day mark of being available to run, yet have not been processed through eBillingHub. This information can be captured by clicking on individual clients listed within the report or by pressing the “+” icon within the client listing. This will allow you to view all of the invoices available in the Billing Wizard that have not been generated and submitted to the client.