What do I do when a client template I am trying to map to doesn’t exist?

Whether the corporate client is new to e-Billing or is currently switching vendor systems, if you cannot find the template you are looking for, simply contact eBillingHub’s Support team and they will create the template for you.

Before submitting your request, verify that the client’s parent company does not already exist in the template library. For example, if your client is Smith Insurance, which is a subsidiary of AIG, and when submitting manually to the vendor site, you submit to AIG, you would map your internal client, Smith Insurance, to the AIG client template within eBillingHub’s template library, and the creation of a new template is not necessary.

If a new template is needed, please follow the below steps to help expedite the template configuration process.

  1. While logged into eBillingHub, go under Help to Customer Support
  2. Click on the Click here to add a client to our library link.
  3. Fill in the form, specifically the fields asking for the corresponding vendor and corporate client name, and then click the Next button.
  4. Within the field provided, add any additional information pertinent to the client billing requirements, and then click Next to submit the template request.
  5. Upon receiving confirmation via a ZenDesk ticket that a request was submitted, please provide the additional information requested by the Support team.
    • LEDES e-Billing formatting specifications
    • Client Billing Guidelines
    • A screenshot of the vendor’s website, showing the client’s name as it appears on the site.
  6. Once the client template has been created and finalized, you will receive confirmation via a ticket update. At that time, you will be instructed to log into eBillingHub and map your client to the newly created template.

After a new template is created, it is a best practice to run a test invoice through the Billing Wizard, by submitting an invoice on hold, and then view the invoice to confirm that the proper validations came through, and invoice data is populated as needed, prior to submitting a live invoice.