What do each of the user access roles represent within eBillingHub?

An eBillingHub user can have one or more access roles assigned to them by the firm’s eBillingHub administrator within the Manage Users section under theConfigure Profiles tab.

AdministratorAccess to all areas within eBillingHub; Administrator is the only role that can access the Configure eBilling Vendor Connectivity section, Configure System tab, and the Law Firm Profile and Manage Users section with the Configure Profiles tab.
BillerAccess to all options under the Billing menu.
Client SetupAccess to all options under the Client Setup tab under theConfiguration menu.
ReportingAccess to all options under the Tracking andReports/Dashboards menu.
*This role provides access to the Active Invoices page, so it is an important role for users submitting and tracking invoices.
EditorAccess to all options under the Billing menu, as well as the ability to open both the simple and advanced Editor options within the Billing Wizard and/or Quick Invoice.