What are my options when resubmitting invoices through eBillingHub?

Resubmitting a Rejected Invoice that you have adjusted within your Time & Billing System:

After you correct the invoice data within your Time & Billing System, you will have to rerun the invoice through the Billing Wizard which will allow eBillingHub to pull the newly edited data for the invoice. If you are using the same invoice number, the invoice will appear in the Billing Wizard with a pending status such as Hold, Rejected or More Info Required. If your time and billing system forces you to use a new invoice number, the original rejected invoice will drop off of the Active Invoices page once you click on the client within the Billing Wizard and display the new invoice in its place.

Resubmitting a rejected Invoice after making adjustments via eBillingHub’s Editor Tool:

While on the Active Invoices page, select the invoice(s) that you want to process, and then choose the Validate and Edit Invoices from the Action dropdown menu, and click the Go button. This will take the invoice(s) you have selected back to the Validation Report page giving you access to the Editor tool. After editing the invoice(s), click the gray Submit button to resubmit your invoices. As a reminder, changes made through eBillingHub’s Editor tool will not be written back to your firm’s time and billing system.

Resubmitting a Rejected Invoice As Is:

If an invoice is rejected because of invalid information entered on the Ebilling vendor site, then you can resubmit the invoice “as is” from the Active Invoices page. This option is to be used when you do not need to make any changes to the invoice. To resubmit the invoice “as is”, simply click the blue resubmit icon listed under the Action column on the far right. This icon is only available when the invoice is in a rejected status type.