My attempt to submit an invoice to Tymetrix 360° is resulting in an “Address information contains an invalid country name” rejection. How can successfully complete the submission?

The country code needs to be a 3 digit ISO code. If you are not able to store the code in your time and billing system, the code can be entered into the ClientCountryOverride extended field in eBillingHub. Click here to view a list of standard 3 digit ISO codes.

Steps to store the code in eBillingHub:

  1. Log into eBillingHub
  2. Click on Configuration | Configure eBillingHub
  3. Click on Configure Mapped Clients
  4. Select Client
  5. Select *All Matters* or a specific matter
  6. Expand the + next to Extended Fields
  7. Click the + under Use EBH next to ClientCountryOverride
  8. Populate the field
  9. Save