It is the end of the month, how can eBillingHub help show me what invoices are available to generate and submit, yet have not been processed or are still in a pending status?

There are a few reports that can assist, such as the Invoices 30 days or older and not updated report, but the most useful one is the Billing Progress report found under the Management tab of the Reports / Dashboards section of eBillingHub. Based on what invoices are configured to appear in your firm’s Billing Wizard, combined with the information found within your firm’s Active Invoices page, this report is a great tool to help ease the stress of month end.

To run the Billing Progress report, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Reports and Dashboards section of eBillingHub
  2. Utilize the From and To date options to narrow the search to the current billing month or quarter, depending on your firm’s needs
  3. Click the View button to generate the report

This report may take a few minutes to run, as it is both synchronizing your firm’s data as well as compiling the invoice data for the report. eBillingHub synchronizes while gathering the report information so that you are provided with the most up-to-date invoice information for your review. Once complete, the report will appear as a graph, showing both red and green figures. The green represents the percentage and details of invoices that have been processed and accepted by the vendor/client. The red value represents the percentage and details of invoices that are currently still pending, whether the invoice is ready and available to process (status is new) or has been processed and currently in a pending status, such as rejected, hold, or more info required.

To view the breakdown of invoices for a particular client, double click the client’s bar graph. If you are interested in seeing the invoice details without having to click on each bar graph or export the data, click the View link next toExport All Details:. To export the details outside of eBillingHub, follow the below steps.

To Export Bar Graph Results:

  1. Click the export format option (Excel, Word, XML or CSV) next to Export to:listed above the bar graph

To Export All Details for All Clients:

  1. Click the export format option (Excel, Word, XML or CSV) next to Export All Details: listed above the bar graph