I received the following invoice error when submitting invoices to Tymetrix360 for my clients, ACE and ESIS. How do I avoid getting this error? File was rejected due to the following: Law Firm ID (TIN) is missing from your invoice file or does not match the Tax ID field in your TyMetrix 360?? Company Profile.

In order to correct or avoid this rejection message from the vendor, you will need to populate the ‘ClientFirmId’ extended field with your firm’s Unique Office Identifier value. The Unique Office Identifier is made up of your firm’s tax ID and zip code. Please note that your firm may have multiple identifiers if you bill ACE and/or ESIS out of multiple locations.

To map the Unique Office Identifier please follow the below instructions:

  1. Under Configuration, choose Configure eBillingHub
  2. Click on the Client Setups tab and then select Configure Mapped Clients
  3. Select the appropriate client from the list of mapped clients
  4. If this configuration applies to all matters under the client, keep the ‘All Matters’ option highlighted, however if this setting is just for a specific matter, select the appropriate matter from the list of matters on the right
  5. Next, click the ‘+’ button next to ‘Show Extended Fields’ to expand the extended fields section
  6. Scroll down the page and click on the ‘+’ button within the ‘ClientFirmId’field row
  7. Within the EBH Storage box, type in the Unique Office Identifier value(Example: tax Id is 12-3456789 and zip code is 44444, the Unique Office Identifier would be 12-3456789-44444; tax Id should match exactly how it is listed in Tymetrix 360)
  8. At the top of the page, click the Save button to save the new configuration

If you have received this rejection on an active invoice, select and rerun the invoice through the Billing Wizard to resubmit the newly configured invoice to Tymetrix360.