How do my clients access the PDF Invoice that is forwarded by eBillingHub’s PDF Invoicing feature?

The PDF invoices are delivered to your corporate clients, specifically the configured recipients, from your firm’s general eBillingHub email account ( Within the email, there will be a link and an access code. Your client will want to follow the below steps to access the invoice(s).

  1. Within the received email, select the link titled Retrieve My Invoice.
  2. Next the client will be prompted to enter the access code. The access code can be found within the original email.
  3. Enter the access code and then select Submit.

The link to the PDF invoice expires one week after the PDF was first accessed. If your client attempts to retrieve the invoice after it has expired, there will be a message stating that the request is invalid.

If there is trouble selecting the Retrieve My Invoice link, there is a separate link that is included in the email that can be copy and pasted into the browser.

Your firm can review the terms of the eBillingHub PDF Service within eBillingHub, at any time, by navigating under Configuration > Configure eBilling Vendor Connectivity > PDF Invoicing.