How do I see how many invoices were processed during a specific time period?

There are several reports found within eBillingHub that can help you keep track of invoices at various stages of the billing cycle. The most detailed report for this information is the Billing Activity Trends Report.

As a reminder, eBillingHub reports can be accessed under the Reports menu, which is listed at the top of the page while logged into eBillingHub. Once you click on the Reports link, choose the Management tab and click on Billing Activity Trends.

The Billing Activity Trends report defaults back to one year, which can be altered for any date range that you prefer. Not only can you choose to see the number of invoices on this report but you can also see the dollar value of these invoices by changing the display dropdown to view the billed amount. This report also allows you to aggregate by day, month or year depending on how detailed you want the information to be.