How do I create an additional Law Firm Profile?

The eBillingHub Law Firm Profile page stores your firm’s contact information. If your firm’s address and/or tax id is required for the LEDES invoice, the information is pulled directly from your eBillingHub Law Firm Profile page. Alternate office locations can be configured in this menu, if necessary.

The below list outlines how to create additional law firm profiles if your firm e-bills out of multiple office locations and/or has a secondary tax id.

  1. Log into eBillingHub.
  2. Navigate to the Configuration option within the main menu, then choose Configure eBillingHub.
  3. Under the Configure Profiles tab, select Law Firm Profile.
  4. In the dropdown at the top of the page called “Please select the location you wish to edit“, select “*Add New*“.
  5. A new window will appear. Type in the city, state, or internal code for the additional office location and then click “Ok“.
  6. Within the new form, fill in the required fields and then click “Submit” in the top right corner of the page.

This additional office location will now be available for use. To associate this new Law Firm Profile with specific clients and/or matters, you will need to configure the LocationTag extended field, found within the Configure Mapped Clients section of eBillingHub, by populating the city, state, or internal code you chose in step number three above within EBH Storage and/or a user defined field within your firm’s time and billing system.