How do I apply my custom UTBMS code mappings to my already configured clients?

Whether you have created a custom timekeeper title, task, activity, tax, or expense code mapping, there is a final step that is often overlooked by administrators and that is to apply the mapping to a specific client or group of clients.

After the custom mapping has been configured, navigate to Configure eBill Recipients by going under Configuration to Configure eBillingHub. Within the Client Setups tab, open the Configure eBill Recipients link.

For the client you wish to apply a mapping to, click the Edit link under the Actioncolumn. This will take you to a new page, showing you what mapping eBillingHub is currently using to populate your firm’s invoices. For most firms, the option you will see chosen is the default mapping. The default mapping is your base mapping that was configured when your firm was originally implemented.

Under the section that you wish to apply your custom mapping, select the dropdown arrow, choose the name of your custom set and then click the Save button located in the top right corner of the page. This setup will tell eBillingHub to use the custom mapping for that client when creating your firm’s invoices. Repeat the steps as needed for other custom configurations.