How do I add a new eBillingHub user?

eBillingHub Administrators may add a new user by following these steps:

  1. Log into eBillingHub
  2. Click on Configuration, Configure the eBillingHub
  3. On the Configure Profiles tab, click on the Manage Users link
  4. Add the user by inputting requested information
  5. Assign access role
  6. Click Save

Definitions of Access Roles:

  • All users: Access information under the main menu
  • Billers: Access everything under the biller menu
  • Client Setup: Access everything on the first tab of the configure the eBillingHub screen
  • Reporting: Access everything under tracking and the reports menu
  • Editor: Access the editor
  • Admin: Access to all pages including the other mapping screens

The new user will receive an email containing credentials. Once they log into eBillingHub, they can reset their password by clicking on the My Profile link under their name in the upper right hand corner.

More information on managing users in eBillingHub is available here.

More information on user access roles is available here.