Does eBillingHub have the ability to save a copy of all of the LEDES files generated?

Yes, you have the option in eBillingHub to automatically save all files to either your firm’s root folder or a specified secondary location. As an eBillingHub Admin, you can manage this setting by following the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Configuration page by hovering over the Configuration menu and choosing Configure eBillingHub.
  2. Select the Configure System tab.
  3. Select General Configuration.
  4. Under the save location portion, select the “automatically save invoice” box. (If you do not want to save the invoices to the root folder, select the option next to secondary location. You will then have the option to add an alternate location along with the ability to test access.)
  5. Select Save in the top right hand corner to apply this setting.

The location path must be valid for all eBillingHub users, and it should be a shared folder to which all eBillingHub users can read/write. If you receive an error message when trying to save invoices, you do not have access to this folder.