After submitting my invoice(s), I received the following invoice status update from Bottomline: “more info required” What does this mean and what are my next steps?

The first step will be to log into the Bottomline website and see what the error is causing the invoice to be marked as “more info required,” since Bottomline does not send those details as part of their invoice status communication. Based on the error, you will then need to choose to either Accept or Reject the invoice within Bottomline. Once complete, you will then have to update the invoice status in eBillingHub (ebilled/rejected) with the invoice status that corresponds to the changes you made in Bottomline.

The below list outlines the steps mentioned above.

  1. First log into Bottomline and locate the invoice that was marked “more info required.”
  2. Click on “Accept” to allow the invoice submission to be completed in Bottomline or “Reject” to remove the submission.
  3. To update the status within eBillingHub, log into eBillingHub and under Tracking choose Active Invoices.
  4. Find and select the appropriate invoice(s) by clicking the checkbox on the left side of the screen.
  5. Under the “Action Menu” drop down, select “Update Status/Add Comment.”
  6. Within the “Update Status/Add Comment” window, update the status to “ebilled” or “rejected” depending on which option (Accepted/Rejected) you chose within Bottomline.
  7. Within the “Tracking Number” and “Additional Information or Comments” portion of the “Update Status/Add Comment” window, enter notes to remind yourself that you manually updated the status for this invoice after Accepting/Rejecting within Bottomline as a best practice.
  8. At the top of the page, click the “Ok” button to update the new status and save any applicable comments.

If your invoice is rejected, at this time you will want to edit and resubmit to Bottomline.