Where can I find invoice information and a record of the invoice status changes within eBillingHub for an invoice that is already paid and no longer being tracked on the Active Invoices page?

The best way to see invoice information, including a history of the status changes, for invoices that are no longer active, is by running the Invoice History report. The Invoice History report can be accessed directly under the Trackingmenu, by selecting the Invoice History option, or by following the below steps to access the report […]

It is the end of the month, how can eBillingHub help show me what invoices are available to generate and submit, yet have not been processed or are still in a pending status?

There are a few reports that can assist, such as the Invoices 30 days or older and not updated report, but the most useful one is the Billing Progress report found under the Management tab of the Reports / Dashboards section of eBillingHub. Based on what invoices are configured to appear in your firm’s Billing […]

How can I set up exceptions to my global configuration settings?

We recognize that there can be exceptions to global settings, which is why we recently released the Configurable Elements section under the Configure Mapped Clients page within eBillingHub. This feature allows firms to set up both client and matter level exceptions to their already configured global options. The following steps walk you through how to […]