When does eBillingHub refresh and synchronize invoice data between itself and my time and billing system?

There are four synchronization processes that are performed deliberately or behind the scenes when using eBillingHub. When a synchronization is executed, eBillingHub looks to your time and billing system, updating invoice statuses on the Active Invoices tracking page, based on what payment information is read. If the synchronization occurs in the Billing Wizard, eBillingHub will […]

After submitting my invoice(s), I received the following invoice status update from Bottomline: “more info required” What does this mean and what are my next steps?

The first step will be to log into the Bottomline website and see what the error is causing the invoice to be marked as “more info required,” since Bottomline does not send those details as part of their invoice status communication. Based on the error, you will then need to choose to either Accept or […]

I received the following invoice error when submitting invoices to Tymetrix360 for my clients, ACE and ESIS. How do I avoid getting this error? File was rejected due to the following: Law Firm ID (TIN) is missing from your invoice file or does not match the Tax ID field in your TyMetrix 360?? Company Profile.

In order to correct or avoid this rejection message from the vendor, you will need to populate the ‘ClientFirmId’ extended field with your firm’s Unique Office Identifier value. The Unique Office Identifier is made up of your firm’s tax ID and zip code. Please note that your firm may have multiple identifiers if you bill […]

How do I configure the password expiration notification email for vendors that require me to frequently change the account password?

An eBillingHub Administrator has the ability to configure vendor password notification emails by following these steps: Navigate under Configuration to Configure eBillingHub Vendor Connectivity. Click on the link of the vendor you wish to configure with a notification¬†email. Enter a value into the Password Expiration Number of Days (Optional)field and then click the Save button. […]

One of the third party vendors that my client uses is requesting that I attach cost receipts to the line item level of an invoice and not just as an invoice level attachment. Can eBillingHub handle this?

Yes, if the paperclip attachment icon is available in eBillingHub for the vendor that you are processing invoices for, the attachment can be applied at either the invoice level or line item level. The below steps walk you through both options. In order to attach a back up receipt file, you must first select an […]

How can I set up exceptions to my global configuration settings?

We recognize that there can be exceptions to global settings, which is why we recently released the Configurable Elements section under the Configure Mapped Clients page within eBillingHub. This feature allows firms to set up both client and matter level exceptions to their already configured global options. The following steps walk you through how to […]