What are my options when resubmitting invoices through eBillingHub?

Resubmitting a Rejected Invoice that you have adjusted within your Time & Billing System: After you correct the invoice data within your Time & Billing System, you will have to rerun the invoice through the Billing Wizard which will allow eBillingHub to pull the newly edited data for the invoice. If you are using the […]

One of the third party vendors that my client uses is requesting that I attach cost receipts to the line item level of an invoice and not just as an invoice level attachment. Can eBillingHub handle this?

Yes, if the paperclip attachment icon is available in eBillingHub for the vendor that you are processing invoices for, the attachment can be applied at either the invoice level or line item level. The below steps walk you through both options. In order to attach a back up receipt file, you must first select an […]

How do I set my invoice submission as final on the last invoice for a case?

In the Billing Wizard Configuration, select “Mark invoice as final if field ‘(click to change)’ contains the following value: FINAL.” When you click the link ‘(click to change)’, a listing of your local UDFs will appear to map eBillinghub to the value you’ve selected, in this case, “FINAL.” For all clients who require an invoice […]

How do I change an invoice matter arrangement type to flat?

To change the matter arrangement type to flat, follow these steps: Submit the invoice (either through the Billing Wizard or Quick Invoice) On the Review Validation Summary Report page, click on the Editor icon (paper and pencil) On the Simple Editor, click on the Advanced icon, in the upper right hand corner Click on the […]

Why do I receive a notice for an invalid matter number when I send a file to Legal Precision?

For Legal Precision/Examen, eBillingHub needs both the Legal Precision file number and the Legal Precision matter number. The ClientMatterID and BillAgentMatterID must be mapped and contain values in order to submit the invoice. The field ‘ClientMatterID’ must contain what LegalPrecision calls “File Number” The field ‘BillAgentMatterID’ must contain what LegalPrecision calls “Matter Number”

How do I create a Multi-Invoice File?

Multi-invoice processing allows you to create a single electronic billing file that contains data from multiple invoices. eBillingHub will assist you by creating the invoice, however it does not automatically submit a multi-invoice. After creating the invoice using the instructions below, you will then have to manually submit it to the client and/or eBilling vendor. […]

Why is the paperclip icon missing from the Validation Page?

Depending on the client and/or vendor, attachments may or may not be available for a specific template. If you do not see the paperclip icon on the Validation Page, eBillingHub will not be able to deliver attachments with the invoice. (Note: For invoices submitted through Datacert, Support may be contacted to add the paperclip icon […]