When does eBillingHub refresh and synchronize invoice data between itself and my time and billing system?

There are four synchronization processes that are performed deliberately or behind the scenes when using eBillingHub. When a synchronization is executed, eBillingHub looks to your time and billing system, updating invoice statuses on the Active Invoices tracking page, based on what payment information is read. If the synchronization occurs in the Billing Wizard, eBillingHub will […]

What do each of the user access roles represent within eBillingHub?

An eBillingHub user can have one or more access roles assigned to them by the firm’s eBillingHub administrator within the Manage Users section under theConfigure Profiles tab. Role Description Administrator Access to all areas within eBillingHub; Administrator is the only role that can access the Configure eBilling Vendor Connectivity section, Configure System tab, and the […]

How do I configure the password expiration notification email for vendors that require me to frequently change the account password?

An eBillingHub Administrator has the ability to configure vendor password notification emails by following these steps: Navigate under Configuration to Configure eBillingHub Vendor Connectivity. Click on the link of the vendor you wish to configure with a notification email. Enter a value into the Password Expiration Number of Days (Optional)field and then click the Save button. […]

How do I add a new eBillingHub user?

eBillingHub Administrators may add a new user by following these steps: Log into eBillingHub Click on Configuration, Configure the eBillingHub On the Configure Profiles tab, click on the Manage Users link Add the user by inputting requested information Assign access role Click Save Definitions of Access Roles: All users: Access information under the main menu […]

How do I create an additional Law Firm Profile?

The eBillingHub Law Firm Profile page stores your firm’s contact information. If your firm’s address and/or tax id is required for the LEDES invoice, the information is pulled directly from your eBillingHub Law Firm Profile page. Alternate office locations can be configured in this menu, if necessary. The below list outlines how to create additional […]

How do I configure eBillingHub for integration and use of ClientPay?

If you have a client that accepts pdf invoices and uses ClientPay, you can set up the integration within eBillingHub. First you will need to contact ClientPay to have them set up your firm’s ClientPay account for use in eBillingHub. Next you will navigate through: Configuration > Configure eBillingHub > Configure System > Configure 3rd […]