One Hub, Countless Benefits

Hundreds of law firms — large and small — rely on eBillingHub to accelerate cash flow, boost realization rates, and make the once-burdensome process of e-billing a streamlined, scalable, profitable part of their business.

With no hardware or software to purchase, install, or maintain, eBillingHub is highly flexible and can easily scale with your business as your client portfolios grow.

Automate Tasks

Close the billing gap between you and your clients by automating the:

  • Extraction of billing data from your time and billing system
  • Generation of LEDES and other billing files
  • Submission of invoice files to your clients
  • Tracking of the billing status with your clients

Eliminate Errors

Reduce billing errors that lead to rejections and write-offs by:

  • Reducing manual editing of billing files
  • Checking bills against outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) before submission
  • Reducing appeals and unpaid invoices with real-time status tracking

Get Paid Faster

Law firms that use eBillingHub speed cash flow by an average of 11 days by achieving:

  • A 50% reduction in client rejections
  • Automated submission capabilities with all major matter management systems
  • Faster responses to rejections with a single status dashboard

Transform Your E-billing in 30 Days

Our intuitive application means that almost no training or IT involvement is required for you to start reaping the benefits of eBillingHub, giving you real-time access to your firm's entire billing picture in just 30 days.

  • Easy invoice creation meets the specific requirements of each of your clients
  • Powerful validation against outside counsel guidelines identifies errors before bills are submitted
  • Batch processing, split billing, and multi-payer invoicing support complex billing scenarios

  • Active Invoice feature provides visibility into all client invoices across all vendors—searchable by client, status, or user
  • Reports Dashboard provides access to more than 30 billing, management, and activity reports
  • Strong security throughout the billing cycle ensures all data is safe

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