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legal time billing softwareBecome a Legal Spend Management Partner Today.

Being a Legal Spend Management Partner can help you improve client relations and satisfaction by leveraging your relationship with eBillingHub – the largest conduit of electronic invoices in the legal industry. By partnering with EBH, we establish an automatic mechanism to submit electronic invoices into your system. This helps process questioned items more efficiently because of the validation checks performed by eBillingHub prior to submission. As a result, you’ll see a decrease in the support requests from law firms, ultimately freeing up your resources and making your clients happy.

Another benefit is additional referrals made possible by becoming a partner. Many corporate clients, needing a recommendation for a legal spend management vendor, will ask their law firm for a referral. Being a vendor that integrates with eBillingHub can win you that business.

Being a Legal Spend Management Partner provides additional benefits:

  • Ongoing Web site promotion within the eBillingHub Partner Directory, including your company name, description, and a link to your Web site
  • Usage of the eBillingHub logo on your Web site
  • Joint news release announcing your inclusion in the eBillingHub Partner Program
  • Optional exposure within eBillingHub means we can display your logo within the product so law firms are aware that the submission was powered by you
  • Flexible API requirements let you build a secure environment while minimizing your investment in development.
  • Increased referrals from law firms that work with eBillingHub

Partner requirements:

  • A formal agreement outlining the partnership terms

Operate with Confidence

When you become a partner, you and eBillingHub enter into a confidentiality agreement that guarantees the privacy of your partnership. None of your data is shared with eBillingHub’s parent company, so you and your clients never have to worry about your data being shared.

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