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Law Firm Business Software Partners

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Being a Law Firm Business Software Partner takes you a step ahead of your competition by giving you a Best in Class, efficient, and cost effective way to help your customers manage the mounting e-billing requirements from their clients. A partnership allows eBillingHub to talk to your system, extracting necessary financial data to either populate invoices or provide greater visibility across the firm.

With 50% growth in volume year-over-year, eBillingHub is by far the largest conduit of electronic invoices in the legal industry and continues to grow at an astounding rate. Becoming a Law Firm Business Software Partner can give you the competitive advantage you’re looking for as more and more law firms continue to adopt eBillingHub as their e-billing solution.

Being a Law Firm Business Software Partner provides additional benefits:

  • Ongoing Web site promotion within the eBillingHub Partner Directory, including your company name, description, and a link to your Web site
  • Usage of the eBillingHub logo on your Web site
  • Joint news release announcing your inclusion in the eBillingHub Partner Program
  • Mutually agreed upon joint marketing activities

Partner requirements:

  • A formal agreement outlining the partnership terms

Operate with Confidence

When you become a partner, you and eBillingHub enter into a confidentiality agreement that guarantees the privacy of your partnership. None of your data is shared with eBillingHub’s parent company, so you and your clients never have to worry about your data being shared.

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