eBillingHub Launches Customer Success Package

Thomson Reuters eBillingHub Hits Major Milestone with 15 Millionth Invoice Processed

Thomson Reuters Elite Announces Second Year of Faster Payment Turnaround Times with eBillingHub

eBillingHub Announces Integration with ClientPay from BankCard Services Worldwide to Accelerate Client Cash Flow

eBillingHub from Thomson Reuters Elite Launches New Certification Program

eBillingHub from Thomson Reuters Elite Processes Total Invoices Valued at More than $36B in 2015

eBillingHub Processes Record-number of 300,000 Invoices in One Month

Thomson Reuters Elite Introduces Integration between ProLaw and eBillingHub

eBillingHub Hits Major Milestone Processing 10 Millionth Invoice

New eBillingHub Key Performance Indicator Dashboard Creates Customized Views of Billing Performance

eBillingHub Integrates with Tikit Carpe Diem to Improve Billing Efficiency and Ensure Compliance

eBillingHub and Bellefield Systems Team Up To Streamline Billing Workflows