Discover how these firms transformed their e-billing processes with eBillingHub. Learn about each firm, their unique business challenges, the changes they drove, and improvements they achieved by adopting eBillingHub.





FordHarrison: Optimizing Month-end Efficiency

FordHarrison, a national labor and employment firm with more than 200 lawyers in 30 locations, was looking for a better way to accommodate the rising trend of clients transitioning to e-billing. See how they found the answer in eBillingHub.
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Torys LLP: Surpassing Clients’ Billing Needs

Torys LLP, a respected international business law firm, discovered they were spending a substantial amount of time managing electronic invoices. They needed a scalable method of e-billing; one that would connect with the multiple third party spend management vendors their clients used. See how their search for a solution ended with eBillingHub.
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Stoel Rives LLP: Taking Control of Electronic Invoices

Stoel Rives LLP, a national firm providing business law and litigation services to companies at all stages of growth, chose e-billing as an area for process improvement. Using eBillingHub, the firm can now complete twice the e-billing in half the time, with greater control over invoice tracking and error resolution.
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Sheppard Mullin: Taking Control of the E-billing Process

Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP—a firm that handles a full range of corporate and technology matters, high stakes litigation, and complex financial transactions—needed a better way to bulk-submit e-bills. They also needed to add reliability and predictability to their e-billing process. Discover how they addressed these challenges with eBillingHub.
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Stephenson Harwood: Staying Ahead of the Game

Stephenson Harwood, a firm offering commercially focused legal advice across the globe from nine offices across, has always been looking for the best ways to leverage technology and adopt industry best practices in an effort to provide optimal client service. See how this focus on client service resulted in the selection of eBillingHub.
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Nilan Johnson Lewis PA: Taking Guesswork Out of the E-billing Process

Nilan Johnson was growing exponentially, offering services in six areas of practice with its 50 lawyers. The diversity of their practice drove an upgrade to manage clients’ complex e-billing requests with an automated and streamlined solution. The firm chose eBillingHub to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach for preparing, tracking, submitting, and managing the e-billing process.
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