Being a Law Firm Management Alliance member moves you a step ahead of your competition by giving you a best-in-class, efficient, and cost effective way to help your customers manage the mounting e-billing requirements from their clients. An alliance with eBillingHub allows for improved and expanded capabilities resulting in additional benefits for our mutual clients.

With double-digit growth in invoice volume year-over-year, eBillingHub is by far the largest conduit of electronic invoices in the legal industry and continues to grow at an astounding rate. Becoming a program member can give you a competitive edge, as more law firms continue to adopt eBillingHub as their e-billing solution.


thomson-reuters-elite-300x1633E offers powerful core financial and practice management features and built-in application development capabilities, all seamlessly integrated into one high-performance system. Designed from the ground up on Microsoft®.NET®, 3E provides an integrated development environment that enables firms to become more agile in responding to client needs. In addition, built-in metrics, analytics, and reporting tools provide constant feedback and effective performance management. A full suite of capabilities is delivered through a consistent web-based user experience that allows lawyers and staff to easily track and manage activity on a multi-office, global scale.