eBillingHub forms strong alliances with companies who deliver complementary products, services, and expertise that enhance our customers’ e-billing experience. If you provide an innovative solution or service that can deliver additional value to our law firm clients, we want to hear from you. These alliances offer value and benefits that help each of us deliver superior products and services to our clients to achieve a competitive advantage.

Application Alliance Members

bellefield_logoBellefield was created with one simple mission: “create better timekeepers.” Better timekeeping leads to more accurate records, reduced time leakage, and solidified client trust. Our flagship product, iTimeKeep, was built from the ground up to deliver the highest level of security, unmatched simplicity, and to achieve contemporaneous time entry. iTimeKeep is delivered via SaaS, making it the most adopted mobile and desktop time entry solution in legal.
intapptime_logoIntapp Time integrates the industry's most adopted, most sophisticated time entry software and automated activity capture software to deliver a single, unified experience. It's called Total Time Management because it extends across devices and addresses critical elements of the work-to-bill life cycle previously inaccessible to timekeepers, such as real-time e-billing validation and client guideline compliance checking at the point of entry.
tikitscarpediem_logoTikit’s Carpe Diem suite delivers a total time tracking application, accessible at your desktop or on the move. Its simplicity, scalability, and tight integration with Thomson Reuters Elite allow firms to capture more time with less effort anytime, anywhere!
minisoft_logoMinisoft is a global software company specializing in strategic account and revenue management software for legal and professional services firms. Extensive reporting and trending capabilities; forecasting; automatic processing of statements, late reminders, etc.; handling of multiple offices and currencies; outstanding services; and integration to existing software systems help explain why Minisoft has a strong presence in hundreds of legal firms worldwide.